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HeyEgy is a startup e-commerce B2C marketplace founded on Nov-2020, HeyEgy mainly focuses on offering unique high-end Egyptian Made products; and carefully selected fantastic products from the Egyptian markets with different manufacturing origins at the best affordable prices.


Worldwide Coverage

One of HeyEgy strength points is the shipping time, by using Express Services and collaboration with the most famous international courier companies in the world, HeyEgy is covering most of the countries worldwide with average shipping time 3-4 working days.


HeyEgy Mission

HeyEgy main mission is to search for the finest unique collections in the Egyptian Markets that matches our main focus which is the AFFORDABILITY without compromising on the QUALITY.

HeyEgy want to assure the fact that our clients deserve to enjoy the multicultural historic collection of the Egyptian stuff.

Since Egypt is most famous in business world as an investment country, so HeyEgy decided to let you enjoy that investment with one click by shopping the high-end Egyptian made product with the most affordable prices.


Social Responsibility

Taking into consideration the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic on the worldwide economy, the small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) had been impacted heavily, so as a part of HeyEgy social responsibility towards the Egyptian community, we committed ourselves to support the small businesses entrepreneurs by changing our module from marketing their products to owning it in advance in order for us to support them with cash flow which by the end will keep their business alive,

Yes, this situation also will reflect on HeyEgy growth however we do believe that “We sell Happiness” and part from that happiness should be covering all the parties.

HeyEgy founder Mr. Assem Sitten celebrates closing a deal with Mr. Essam Al Safy a devoted Egyptian Supplier - Apr 2021





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